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Let's face it.  You wouldn't go to Baskin Robbins with your friends and all get the same flavor.  Each aspiring flight attendant is his or her own person.  Each airline, is also quite different.  They are not all one size fits all.  The first thing to do after you have decided to become a flight attendant is to pick the right airlines to apply for.  This book will walk you through this very process. 

There are two ways to Get Your Wings.  The Easy Way and the Hard Way.  Which path will you take? 

 In Desire the Skies, the First Book Every Flight Attendant Needs to Read, I explain the different types of airlines that are available to applicants in the USA.  This industry has something for everyone.  There are a lot of myths out there about the industry, especially when it comes to age and appearance.  This career may be accessible to you even if you were told in the past that it was not.  If you have a heart for service, you are off to a great start.

You can be the best flight attendant the industry has ever seen.  What are you waiting for?

This Is What You Get.

  • A description of the different types of commercial airlines, including regionals, subsidiaries, ultra low cost and low cost airlines, and the legacy airlines. 

  • A sneak peak of each airline and the reasons you should consider applying for them.

  • A breakdown of regions in the USA, and the bases that are located within the regions.

No matter if you need a lot of help, or just a few pointers, the Desire the Skies book will have you ready to apply to fly ASAP. 

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